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How does piles occur?

In the present time, due to food and lifestyle irregularities, the disease of piles (hemorrhoids) has become a common thing, although there can be many reasons behind this disease. For example, the routine of the patient, diet and even sometimes it can be due to genetic reasons, but apart from all these reasons, another main reason for getting this disease is the constant constipation. Because in the condition of constipation patients passing hard stools and as such the blood vessels of anus comes out and takes the form of hemorrhoids (piles).


What age, gender and class can Piles occur?

 It can occur to people of any age, gender and class; that can be women, men and even children. According to a data analytics More than 10 million (1 crore) new cases come up every year in INDIA only. As well as talking about statistics, then the population of about 10 to 15% of the total population is affected by this, usually if we say that in every other house on an average, we will get one Piles suspect patient; and there is no exaggeration in this.


What are the symptoms of Piles?

Piles is a very painful disease, which effect the patient not only sleep and eat, but also it may disturb the patients for standing to and sitting also; There are mainly two types of hemorrhoids.


  • First is internal hemorrhoids
  • Second external hemorrhoids;

In these too, there are two types of hemorrhoids;

  • first is non blooding Piles
  • second is blooding Piles.


One that has bleeding and the other which does not have bleeding but symptoms like pain, swelling and itching are seen commonly with both.


How to cure piles completely?

Generally, there are a number of well-known medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the market, some of which use it to give some relief to the patients for some time from the pain of hemorrhoids; but this rest is temporary. As soon as the patient goes through any odd situation (eg his diet, daily functioning, environmental effects or his body tendency) which may also be part of his daily life, it is standing in front of the patient again and more widely.

In contrast, if we talk about the operation of hemorrhoids, there are mainly three types of treatment methods available for this.

(A) Surgical operation

(B) Laser operation

(C) Kshar-shutra method

through which external hemorrhoids commonly seen on the deaf surface are cut and separated with the help of these techniques, but both their roots and internal hemorrhoids (moles of Piles) remain inside; which when the favorable conditions are found it comes outside again. Due to reason of recurrence; the operated piles roots cut through the operation often gives rise to the fistula, that’s why we can’t say that the any operational process which used to treat hemorrhoids are successful.


The operation in piles is right or wrong ?


Types of piles operation

  1. Surgical operation
  2. Laser operation
  3. Operation by Kshar-shutra

In the medical world, it is considered very common for patients to have recurrence of piles (hemorrhoids) even after the operation by above mentioned three methods; as well as the terrible consequences mostly create fistula (the formation of a perforation which also leads to secretion of blood, pus and stool) after the operation. and the operation done by the laser process can damage “rectal pressure control system” of patient. So many examples are observed. So keeping all these things in mind, it may not be correct to go for operation.



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Product Description

  • Helps in piles relief
  • Helps in constipation relief
  • Helps in symptoms like inflammation in anal region and bleeding

Piles causes an unbearable pain in your anal region while emptying your bowel and that is where Piles relief go will help you. It is safe and Ayurvedic with no side effect.


Ingredients Used

Rasont (Axtracum Berberis Ext 180 MG),

Manshil (Orsacince Selfdum Ass 20 MG),

Haldi (Curumalonga Rt 70 MG),

Ritha ( Sapintus Emarginatus Sd 120 MG),

Sarson Oil ( Brassicampestris 20 mg),

Haritaki ( Terminalia Chebula 90 MG)



15 Day Course. (Per day 4 capsules) or as directed by the physician.

60 Capsules in a pack


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